Who We Are

We are a group of interdisciplinary scholars, researchers, and practitioners who are dedicated to revitalizing philosophical, theological, and psychosocial traditions in psychology in order to augment our moral vocabulary for understanding clinical work within the context of a higher ethical calling.

Our hope is that the conversations that take place in the context of our conferences, publications, and various programming can serve to embarrass some of the language and conceptual calcification endemic to many academic and clinical disciplines. Furthermore, our desire is to condition our sensibilities under the fire of an ethical imperative, grounded in the individualized and deeply textured relational encounter.


This community is a consortium of individuals, institutes, and universities that are located throughout the world. Psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, social workers, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, theologians, clergy, and graduate students of all persuasions are invited to participate in the life of this community and its scholarly activities. Its aim is academic inquiry, the reshaping of clinical sensibilities, and a commitment to community service and impact.

A more formal consortium and research group is currently being developed… Stay tuned for details…