Submitting a Book Proposal

The Psychology and the Other Book Series' goal is to create space for the publication of works that have the potential to enrich and challenge both clinical work and scholarly exploration. As such, we welcome interdisciplinary manuscripts (monographs and edited volumes) that consider human identity, suffering, and potential in such a way that is applicable and that advances our understanding. Looking at previous Psychology and the Other Conference programs can be informative in providing a frame and scope of the topic areas typically considered.

The first step in the process of publication consideration is the submission of a manuscript proposal. The proposal needs to include the following elements:


Proposal Document: Download template  

  • A synopsis of the content of the proposed book -- summary (no longer than 2 pages)

  • A brief explanation of how this particular volume connects to the interdisciplinary vision and mission of Psychology and the Other Book Series - 1-2 paragraphs maximum

  • A rationale for the book - For whom is it written? How is it interdisciplinary? What needs will it fulfill? What competition is there? Evidence to support this

  • A list of contents

  • A chapter-by-chapter outline, summarizing the content of each chapter (key references are useful)

  • Are there tables / diagrams / illustrations? If so, how many? Will they need redrawing

  • A short blurb (approx. 350 words), that captures a "market-ready" description of your volume and its significance

  • A note on when the finished typescript is likely to be ready

  • A note on the estimated overall length of the finished typescript in thousands of words (60-120,000 is the sort of length to aim at)


For upload (in submission portal) 

  • Completed Proposal Document (see above)

  • A brief CV for the author / editor / contributors, outlining professional qualifications, previous publishing experience, etc.

  • Sample chapter(s)- 1 minimum and 2 maximum 


Note: By submitting a manuscript with the Psychology and the Other Book Series, the author ensures that the manuscript is not under consideration with any other publishers.


All proposals will be reviewed within 2 months of their receipt.

If you have any questions regarding a prospective manuscript, please feel free to contact the Series Editor, David Goodman, at