Publications to Date


Psychoanalysis, History, and Radical Ethics:

Learning to Hear

Donna Orange

Clemente _Eros_Crucified.jpg

Eros Crucified:

Death, Desire, and the Divine in Psychoanalysis and Philosophy of Religion

Matthew Clemente

In the Wake of Trauma: Psychology and Philosophy for the Suffering Other

Eric Severson  Brian Becker & David Goodman

Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society- Special Issue

David Goodman & Lynne Layton (Eds.)

The Humanistic Psychologist

David Goodman, Brian Becker & Heather Macdonald (Eds.)

Psychology and the Other - Oxford Volume

David Goodman & Mark Freeman (Eds.)

Pastoral Psychology - Special Issue

Heather Macdonald & David Goodman (Eds.)