The Psychology Humanities & Ethics Research Group


The Psychology Humanities & Ethics Research Group serves as an extension to the dialogues in our Psychology and the Other conferences. The Group is an interdisciplinary collective of theorists, clinicians, faculties, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students dedicated to foster interdisciplinary conversations between psychology, philosophy, theology, and humanities-related disciplines, and seek a higher ethical-calling in the clinical context. We hope to be able to think more humanely and practice more ethically as we face the Other.



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David Goodman, PhD

Michael ​Mookie Manalili, LCSW

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Sam Aston


Sam Aston is currently receiving his M.A. in Mental Health Counseling through Boston College's Lynch School of Education and Human Development. Sam graduated from St. John's College in Annapolis through their Great Books Program which fostered his love for the deeper philosophical questions in life and a knowledge of how to pursue them. Before entering his master's program Sam spent his time volunteering for the National Alliance on Mental Illness's national hotline in Arlington Virginia where he aided callers in finding resources and in hearing their stories. It was this experience that, in part, pushed Sam to get his masters and pursue meaningful ways to help others in the real world. Through this search Sam found the Psychological Humanities Research Group and has been a dedicated member since.

Research Interests: The melding of philosophy and psychology, especially in reference to the other, time, purpose, and forgiveness. Societal and legislative affects on mental health. The therapeutic alliance. Role playing.

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others." -Plato

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Joshua Beneventi holds an A.A. in Arabic from Grossmont College, a B.A. in sociocultural anthropology from UCSD, and is currently pursuing graduate studies in theology at Boston College. He is a member of the Psychological Humanities Research Group at BC and a collaborator with the international think tank, Pivot Projects. His graduate studies are currently focused upon the work of Henry Corbin and related Eranos thinkers, Christian-Sufi philosophy with an emphasis upon the work of Ibn 'Arabi, and phenomenology.

Research Interests: Phenomenology; Comparative Theology; Spiritual Hermeneutics; Contemplative Theology & Mysticism; Ecotheology.

Joshua Dean Beneventi

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Matthew Clemente is a Lecturer in the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College specializing in existentialism, philosophy of religion, and contemporary Continental thought. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Continental Philosophy and Religion and author of Eros Crucified: Death, Desire, and the Divine in Psychoanalysis and Philosophy of Religion.

Research Interests: Philosophy of Religion, Continental Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Literary Theory

Matthew Clemente

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Haleigh Creamer


Haleigh Creamer is a senior psychology major at the Woods College of Advancing Studies. Haleigh received her Associates Degree in Psychology from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California in 2019. She is excited to start her study in the Master of Arts program in Mental Health Counseling at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education and Human Development. She is a part of the Psychological Ethics and Humanities research group led by Dr. David Goodman and Mookie Manalili. Haleigh is currently working for WCAS providing assistance to the staff located in St. Mary’s Hall South. She is also helping run the @BCWoodsCollege’s social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Research Interests: Transgenerational Trauma and Suffering, Ethics and Morality, Psychotherapy, Addiction, and Mental Illness

Sarah Essner


Sarah is a graduate assistant for the Lynch school of Education and Human Development where she works on the development of the Psychological Humanities and Ethics Lecture Series in addition to the Psychology & the Other conference. Currently she is a Master's student in BC's Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Sarah received her BA from Wesleyan University as double major in American Studies and Government, concentrating in the areas of race/ethnic studies and political theory. She found her way to the mental health field after her experiences working in prisoner mental health care advocacy, community-based initiatives aimed at ending systemic poverty and youth intervention program development. 

Research Interests: Transformative Justice; Identity/Positionality and Mental Health; Collective Trauma; Cultural and Postcolonial Theory

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After growing up in New York City, I attended Boston College and graduated in May 2020 with a degree in Applied Psychology and Human Development with a minor in Italian. This year, I am volunteering with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Atlanta at an organization that helps with rental assistance called Midtown Assistance Center. I plan on going to graduate school in order to receive a master's in either psychology or social work to one day become a practicing psychologist. 

Research Interests: Social Justice, Learning Disorders, Anxiety and Depression, and Feminist/Intersectional Psychology.

Julia Goetz

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A. Taiga Guterres

A. Taiga Guterres is the assistant director of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College. He is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Theology & Ministry and Master of Social Work at Boston College, concentrating in mental health in the Latinx community. Previously, he has worked as a residential staffer and pastoral minister in Mexico and Belize, working with migrants and indigenous communities. His research and interests include: pastoral theology, inculturation, migration, substance abuse, and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Research Interests: Pastoral Theology, Inculturation, Migration, Substance abuse, Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

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William J. Hendel is a teaching fellow and PhD candidate at Boston College, who specializes in ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, and contemporary Continental philosophy. Previously, he practiced private equity M&A law in Boston.

Research Interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Contemporary Continental Philosophy

William Hendel

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Hello! My name is Karley. I'm originally from the great state of Minnesota, but have found a home in Boston, MA. I currently work as an outpatient clinician, and I have a background in Biology, Theology, and Mental Health Counseling.

My interests are always expanding, but I have a particular interest in women's/gender issues, career development for underrepresented populations, women's reproductive health and well-being, and topics of embodiment

​Karley Peterson

Sophia Shieh

Sophia is studying Applied Psychology & Human Development, with a combined BA/MSW degree in the Master in Social Work program. She double minors in Medical Humanities, Health, & Culture, and Leadership in Higher Education and Community Settings. Born in NYC, she spent most of her childhood in Taiwan and has also moved around the New England areas to as far as Singapore. 

She has experience working in community clinics, adoption agencies, shelters, residential, and psychiatric hospital settings with children, youth, and adults experiencing trauma, addiction, personality disorders, and various mental health challenges. Currently, she serves as the research assistant and MHS at McLean Hospital, and as the Undergrad Research Assistant at the LSEHD.  She also serves on several Student Advisory Boards for Active Minds, Student Minds (UK), and the Inclusion Team (Taiwan) that focus on young adult/college mental health. In her free time, she volunteers with Crisis Text Line and several correctional facilities/prison oversight organizations. 


She is interested in intersectional issues related to mental health and is passionate about accessibility, cultural humility, and trauma-informed care in higher education institutions and medical settings. Her other interests include complex trauma, Selective Mutism, attachment, adoption issues, Borderline Personality Disorder, and medical humanities.