Psychology and the Other Book Series

Psychology and the Other Book Series


Series Editor

David M. Goodman


Associate Editors

Brian W. Becker                          Donna Orange                        Eric R. Severson


Assistant Editor

Michael Mookie C. Manalili


The Psychology and the Other Book Series highlights creative work at the intersections between psychology and the vast array of disciplines relevant to the human psyche. The interdisciplinary focus of this book series brings psychology, then, into conversation with continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, religious studies, anthropology, sociology, and social/critical theory. The cross-fertilization of theory and practice, encompassing such a range of perspectives, encourages the exploration of alternative paradigms and newly articulated vocabularies that speak to human identity, freedom, and suffering. Thus, we are encouraged to reimagine our encounters with difference, our notions of the "other," and what constitutes therapeutic modalities. The study and practices of mental health practitioners, psychoanalysts, and scholars in the humanities will be sharpened, enhanced, and illuminated by these vibrant conversations, representing pluralistic methods of inquiry, including those typically identified as psychoanalytic, humanistic, qualitative, phenomenological, or existential.

Editorial Board

Lynne Layton, Harvard Medical School

Heather Macdonald, Lesley University

Donna Orange, New York University

Ann Pellegrini, New York University

Jeffrey Reber, University of West Georgia

Frank Richardson, Univ of Texas- Austin

Brent Dean Robbins, Point Park University

Vanessa Rumble, Boston College

Brent Slife, Brigham Young University

Jeffrey Sugarman, Simon Fraser University

George Yancy, Emory University

Matthew Clemente, Boston College

Sunil Bhatia, Connecticut College

Daniel Burston, Duquesne University

Scott Churchill, University of Dallas

Joshua Clegg, John Jay College

Phillip Cushman, Antioch University

Jack Foehl, Harvard Medical School

Mark Freeman, College of the Holy Cross

Roger Frie, Simon Fraser University

Ed Gantt, Brigham Young University

Marsha Hewitt, University of Toronto

Richard Kearney, Boston College

Fred Wertz, Fordham University

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