The research branch of Psychology and the Other has been highly active over the last three years, including over 65 professional presentations, publications, and a variety of other research activities (see below). Undergraduate and graduate students are integral parts of these ongoing groups. The goal of these working groups is to provide substantial research experience for students, conversational community for faculty, collaborative possibilities across institutions, and significant impact potential in larger professional conversations.


The three groups include:

  • Theoretical, Historical, and Philosophical Psychology Research Lab (Directors: David Goodman & Heather Macdonald) 

  • Social-Cognitive Neuroscience Research Lab (Director: Brian Becker) 

  • Psychosocial Work Group (newly forming and cross-institutional with Boston College, Simmons College, Harvard University, UMass Boston, MSPP, Emerson College) 

2013-2014 Annual Report available for your review here