Previous Plenary and Invited Addresses

2017 Conference

Another Voice From Radical Ethics:

Denmark's Knud Løgstrup

Donna Orange, New York University Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

Respondent: Claire Katz, Texas A&M

Moderator: Elizabeth Corpt, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis

Paranoia, Narcissism, and Otherness: A Round Robin

Chair: Linda Schlossberg, Harvard University

Lauren Kaminsky, Harvard University

Barbara Browning, New York University

Ann Pellegrini, New York University

Carolyn Stack, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis

The Wages: A Conversation with Fanny Howe

Fanny Howe, University of California - Ssan Diego

Conversation Partners: Richard Kearney, Boston College

Nancy McWilliams, Rutgers University

Amy Hollywood, Harvard Divinity School

Moderator: Mark Freeman, College of the Holy Cross

The Evolving Moment: The Reversibility of Time in Relation to the Other


Chair: Jack Foehl, Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute

Peter Shabad, Northwestern Medical School

Elizabeth Corpt, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis 

White Narratives and the Black Body: An Ethics of Un-suturing and Bodies without Edges

George Yancy, Emory University 


Respondent: Lynne Jacobs Institute of Contemporary 

Psychoanalysis Los Angeles

Moderator: Derek Hook, Duquesne University

Finding the Other In the Self

Nancy Mc Williams, Rutgers University 


Respondent: Jay-Paul Hinds, Howard University

Moderator: George Stavros, Danielsen Institute at Boston University

The Radical Temporalities of Love, Shame and Repair 


Chair: Elizabeth Reich, Connecticut College

Mary Watkins, Pacifica University

Cynthia Quarrie, Concordia University

David Kyuman Kim, Connecticut College

History's Ethical Demand: Remembering and Responsibility in the Wake of the Holocaust 

Roger Frie, Simon Fraser University


Respondent: Sue Grand, New York University

Moderator: Claire Katz, Texas A&M University


Transit: Playing the Other

Ken Corbett, New York University


Steven Cooper, Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and Society 

Amy Huber, New York University

Amy Hollywood, New York University

Moderator: Ann Pellegrini, New York University 

Frantz Fanon and Psychopathology 

Robert Bernasconi, Penn State


Respondent: Donna Orange, New York University

Moderator: Eric Severson, Seattle University


2015 Conference

The Other Within: White Shame and the ‘Vanquished Indian’

Sue Grand, New York University


Discussant: Tanya McKinnon, McKinnon McIntyre

Moderator: Lynne Layton, Harvard Medical School


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brief interruption of audio between 31:50 and 32:00



Religion in Dark Time: Holy Envy and Holy Rage in the Intertwined Imaginations of Jews and Christians

Susannah Heschel, Dartmouth College


Respondent: Sue Grand, New York University

Moderator: Malcom Owen Slavin, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis


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The Place of Das Ding: Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology, and Religion


Jon Manoussakis, College of the Holy Cross

Discussant: Brian W. Becker, Lesley University

Moderator: Mari Ruti, University of Toronto




The Transmission of Slavery’s Traumas: Past is Present

    Janice Gump, Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy


     Moderator: Lynne Jacobs, The Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis





A Hermeneutics of Wounds

Richard Kearney, Boston College



2013 Conference


The Music Knows

Grieving Existential Trauma in Music, Art and Psychoanalysis

Malcolm Slavin, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis